Laborie offers an annual Calendar of Festivals. It is part of our vision of a community where arts and culture contribute to community development, job creation and cultural identity, and where residents, especially young people, appreciate artistic expression and enhance their creative skills.

Under the auspices of the Laborie Development Foundation, the organisers of the various community festivals in Laborie have come together to coordinate the production of events aimed at stimulating economic growth, providing quality entertainment and developing the arts in Laborie. 

At present, there are three festivals that are officially placed on this calendar:

In addition, Laborie is host to a number of other cultural festivals and cultural events, including Fishers’ Feast in June, the Lawòz and Lamagwit Flower Festivals, activities held within Creole Heritage Month (October) and Kolasyon Nwèl (December).

The community of Laborie also hosts a monthly street festival, Festen Labowi.

In support of these and other activities, the Laborie Development Foundation convenes the annual Laborie Development Forum that serves as a platform for public discourse and dialogue on development initiatives in the community. The most recent Forum took place on Sunday 6 March 2016, with over 80 participants.