mokoflix1Moko-Flixs entertainment is a youth cultural organisation originating from the community of Laborie. It is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of stilt-walking and the Saint Lucian traditional masquerade.

This organisation plays a major role in showcasing the art of stilt-walking especially at national cultural festivities such as Independence, Jazz, Carnival, Jounen Kwéyòl or Christmas, and it provides a unique attraction that helps support our tourism industry. Moko-Flixs also plays a major part in the community of Laborie and is also involved in cultural exchanges, mainly with Trinidad, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Moko-Flixs Entertainment is also a medium that offers training in youth development programmes with the goal of empowering its membership through the passion of cultural forms and the holistic development of the youth.

mokoflix3Participation in the national Jouvè competition has become the latest addition to Moko-Flixs contribution to the national Carnival of Saint Lucia. This participation has allowed Moko-Flixs to bring in a traditional Jouvè experience and a unique touch to that event by being the only stilt-walking group.

Over the last four years, Moko-Flixs has consistently placed in the National Jouvè Competition and was this year awarded Band of the Year.

2013- 3rd Place

2014- 2nd Place

2015- 3rd Place

2016- 1st Place - Band of the year