The district of Laborie has a rich and varied cultural heritage stretching well over a thousand years.

It encompasses the Amerindians (sometimes known as the Arawaks, or Caribs), the European settlers and colonists from France, Spain and Great Britain, the enslaved African peoples brought in to work the estates, the East Indian indentured workers and today's globalized citizens of the world.

Laborians establish themselves everywhere and people from everywhere make the shores of Laborie their home. Each of these influences is now woven into Laborie's vibrant West Indian culture.

The traditions from this unique cultural heritage are visible everywhere. It is how people live and talk - the French-based Kwéyòl language is alive and well here, spoken everyday along with the English language. It is the architecture of the homes, the food and drinks, the festivals celebrated throughout the year, the music and the arts... and the faces of the people!